Runyan Media Recording Stuiod - Bellaire, Michigan

Runyan Media is a multi media production company in Northern Michigan, specializing in the recording of music. Full bands, singer songwriters, and spoken word artists have found their home here. Runyan Media's recording studio is a 4 room tracking studio with 3 separate isolation rooms and a control room. Each room has been acoustically tuned for different types of recording. It's a perfect space for a complete band to track all at once or in pieces.

Dave Runyan is the owner and engineer with over 35 years of experience both as a musician and a recording guy. He actually learned on the big mixing consoles and outboard gear that modern software has been modeled after. He takes the old two inch tape and 9 foot long console experience and brings it to modern streamlined digital technology.

Thank You To Alex Byron for the photos of The Galactic Sherpas working on their new CD!


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